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Cloud / Hosted Services

Cloud Computing / Hosted Services

Traditionally companies would host all their servers onsite. Over recent years there has been a change in attitude fuelled by availability of cheaper Internet/cloud services and faster broadband connections.

Companies are now looking to move some or all their data off site. In some cases companies are looking to outsource all their IT Services. However, there are a number of companies especially in the SME market that like to know where their data is with the knowledge that it is safe and secure.

Server hosting is an ideal solution to bridge this gap. This is where a company will own the server equipment, which is hosted off site in a secure co-location centre. His is effectively a Private Cloud solution.

Some application are ideally suited for hosting e.g. email, whereas other applications are more suited to be run on local servers e.g. Architectural (CAD) drawings. There are generally a number of options available or hybrid solutions to consider.

Reducing the number of servers will reduce the hardware cost and your energy consumption. Server virtualisation can overcome this issue by housing multiple virtual servers on one physical server where they can efficiently run multiple different operating systems in parallel.

Cloud computing is flexible – you can buy in only the services you want, when you want them. Extra services can be added or removed at a moment’s notice as your business needs change.

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