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Cloud Pros and Cons

Cloud Services - Pros

  1. Low upfront cost i.e. the ability to replace the investment and replacement IT expenditure with a regular and predictable operational expenditure.
  2. The benefit of being able to access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  3. Able to scale systems up or down on demand.
  4. Outsource the maintenance burden of servers and applications.
  5. Everything managed under SLAs.
  6. It is considered to be a ”green” solution environmental benefit (lower carbon emissions) of many users efficiently sharing large system.

Cloud Services - Cons

  1. Higher ongoing operating costs, which are likely to be work out more expensive on an ongoing basis.
  2. Dependency on a reliable Internet connection.
  3. Risk of being locked into proprietary or vendor-recommended systems. How easily can you migrate to another system or service provider if you need to?
  4. What happens if your supplier suddenly decides to stop supporting a product or system you've come to depend on?
  5. Greater dependency on service providers. Can you get problems resolved quickly, even with SLAs?
  6. Potential privacy and security risks of putting valuable data on someone else's system in an unknown location.