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Co Location Site

Co Location Site

We have our own server rack at a secure co-location site in Milton Keynes, which was chosen due to its location and considered to be a lower risk location than Tele House in Docklands area of London.Co Location Datacentre Racks

We host a number of client office and disaster recovery servers, VoIP telephone system equipment and some of our own servers including our on-line backup server.

The co-location site is 45 minutes from our office and we have 24 hour access.

The broadband connections to the co-location site are high speed fibre providing very fast connections. A couple of our clients have chosen to have their main office server hosted in our rack.

All the equipment in our rack is protected against power surges or power cuts. The co-location site has two x 4000amps (3 phase) on site sub stations and an automatic standby generator located within the internal plant room with full automatic auto change over panel and sufficient fuel for at least 32 hours service (24/7-4hr fuel supplier is on contract).

A second co-location site in Northampton has a similar set up and there is an optional service available on request to provide a Disaster Recovery/Online backup to server equipment hosted at this site.