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Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop

A Hosted Desktop solution uses the power of the internet to access a desktop environment via a web browser normally from a PC or Laptop but could also be accessed via a smart phone or tablet.Cloud computing in field of grass

People using this service can do so from their office or home or and remote location provided they have connectivity e.g. over 3G or 4G.

This service is used gererally for clients that more than what Office 365 can offer i.e. to run inhouse server based systems or other business appilcations.

The desktop session is run / hosted on a server generally in a central location, which is normally in a secure data centre with high-quality and resilient connections to the Internet / cloud.

The desktop environment will normally have the most commonly used business software applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange email but could also include industry specific tailored applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, M-Files Document Management and bespoke applications.

There are options available including a private cloud solution or using a third party Hosted Desktop solutions company. In either case we would be able to provide guidance, configuration service or liaise with a third party at a technical level.