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Hosted Server

Hosted Server

Server hosting is where a company will either own the server equipment or rent a virtual server. We offer both of these services in our rack at a co-location site. These services are both classed a Private Cloud because we host, manage and support all the equipment in our rack.

What service do you require?

We can assist you to ascertain what solutions would best suit your company and there are a number of key factors for consideration:

  • What software systems and applications are you running or planning to use?
  • Is your workforce located on one site, multiple office locations, here in the UK or also abroad?
  • What percentage of your staff is mobile staff or home office workers?
  • Are you using web-based applications, Intranets or CRM Systems?
  • Has your company got or considering a VoIP telephone system?
  • Are you just looking for a backup or Disaster Recovery solution?

Once we know your requirements we can put together options for you to consider and meet your budget.

It is also worth noting that a backup or Disaster Recovery server provides the role of maintain the integrity of your data and in the event that your main office server(s) are lost through theft or natural disaster your company will be able to continue to operate with the services running on this server. If desired the server can also be moved to a new office location.