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Online Backup

Online Backup

Business data is generally regarded as a company’s most valuable asset. Data loss such as email, company information, client documentation, databases etc can cause major disruption and have an impact on business continuity and its ability to trade.

We cannot stress enough the importance of backing up data and having a copy of all company data held off site. According to Gartner, 50% of companies go out of business within 6 months if they lose access to mission critical data or applications and are unable to recover within 24 hours.

Generally the main method used for data backup is on tapes taken off site on a daily basis. One of the main questions asked by clients is whether there is an alternative to taking tapes off site.

The answer is on line backup or to have data replication to a server either at another office or to a co location site.

In the past online backup has generally been an expensive option because of the broadband connection speed required, software costs and data storage. However, broadband speeds are now significantly faster, the backup software is more sophisticated and the cost of hard drive space has decreased.

The backup software we use only backups additions, deletion or changes to the data to the equivalent of byte level rather than file level so it avoids having to unnecessarily send large amounts of data making the process of transferring data quicker and requiring less bandwidth.

The software solution encrypts and manages data off site. Only the client has the encryption key and therefore only the client is able to read the information.