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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Getting more from your mobility solution with Alliance Solutions.

At Alliance Solutions we are working hard to ensure that our customers really get the most out of their investments in mobile solutions and devices.

We know it’s tough out there and company employees need the ability to access email from remote locations, keep in touch with customers day and night and convert downtime into productive time.

Your investment in smart technology will yield a rapid return on investment through:

•  Increased employee productivity: enable secure access to corporate email, data, and calendars, as well as remote address lookup, to maximise employee downtime

•  Improved sales: put up-to-date and unlimited customer data and sales trend information at sales teams’ fingertips, anytime, anywhere and allow them to enter billing, order and account information in real time

•  Customer responsiveness: employees need never miss a customer call and they can respond to emails and messages instantly, wherever they’re working

•  Effective collaboration: colleagues can share documents and presentations in realtime and view them in crisp detail on mobile and tablet screens.

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