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VoIP Telephone Solution

VoIP Phone System Features

Modern telephone solutions and computer network solutions are no longer regarded as separate items. Both share the same network cabling, both have central control unit(s) and voicemail is generally stored on network hardware.

The main benefits of a VoIP phone system is flexibility and ease of use. The system is feature rich and all programming is done through a web interface (like computer network equipment). This doesn’t require expensive maintenance contracts to program or maintain the system.

All IP phones whether in the office or at a home office can be an extension of the network with free calls between the phones i.e. between the office and home extensions including conference calling. Voicemail can be stored or sent as “.wav” email attachments to the recipient, which can be listened to on your PC, Laptop or a mobile phone.

The main benefits of a VoIP telephone system are its features but there are operational savings to be made for example, to have up to eight concurrent calls would require either eight analogue lines or four ISDN 2 lines but these could be replaced by one ADSL connection and a SIP licence.

We install 3CX Phone Systems, which are Windows-based IP PBX systems that can easily replace the traditional office telephone system without the need for additional phone wiring. The 3CX Phone System is feature rich and has a web-based management console, which make it easy to configure and support.

3CX  is compatible with the majority of the SIP phones manufacturers. We favour the Snom, which offer a range of good quality SIP phones. Snom is a German manufacturer that has been a pioneer in the VoIP sector since 1996.