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Going Green

Going green

Green Footprint leafWe advise clients of energy efficient IT systems and we aim operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner.

To this end we are proud that we have taken the following steps and continue to find alternative ways to reduce our and our client's carbon foot print.

Reducing your carbon footprint

• We recommend energy efficient hardware such as Servers, PCs and IT networking equipment to all of our clients.

• We propose that our clients consider Server virtualisation to reduce that amount hardware and energy required to run their businesses. This means less landfill in future years and a massive energy saving. Where relevant we suggest cloud computing and hosted services to further reduce running costs including air conditioning.

• All our invoices and statements are electronically generated and sent by email unless a client has requested a paper copy. Moving information electronically is also much more energy and carbon efficient than physically sending hard copy.

• All internal documentation is generated and stored electronically. We minimise our use of paper internally by electronically scanning documents for multiple reproduction.

• We either reuse or recycle where possible the packaging materials that have been used to send goods to us

• Virtually all of our outgoing packaging materials (cardboard boxes, polystyrene inners etc) are reused items, generally manufacturer packaging.

• We have reduced and continue to reduce the amount of landfill waste produced by staff by encouraging paper recycling and by turning of electrical devices such PC Screens and mobile phone charges.

• Our consumption of fuel and energy is closely monitored and we take care that it is not wasted through inefficiency or casualness.