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24 Hour Server Monitoring

24 Hour Monitoring

Network monitoring is an essential component of the network support package.24 Hour Server Monitoring

We use both off-the-shelf network tools and also our own in-house developed tools.

Having our own software development team gives us the edge when it comes to network monitoring. We have developed our own monitoring software tailored to exactly meet our requirements and those of our customers’ networks.

Our monitoring product is called Server Monitor. We install this on servers we support. This monitors all the major aspects of a server and its connected networks 24 hours a day.

We normally release major enhancements to Server Monitor approximately once a year based on changes in the server and network technology we need to monitor. This keeps our monitoring capability fully up to date. This isn’t always possible when relying on third party products.

The cost of Server Monitor is included in our standard support package. We grant a license for the life of the support contract including all upgrades.