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Remote Assistance

What is Remote Assist?

Much of the work of the helpdesk involves remotely connecting to a customer’s servers and resolving problems or carrying out maintenance tasks remotely

This means that we don’t have to keep customers on the line talking them through tasks.

We connect to the customer network over a secure encrypted link (this uses a virtual private network via the Internet). In this way we ensure that the integrity of our customer’s network security is maintained.

To use the service click on the Remote Assist button on the top right hand corner of the web page or the S.O.S. button on the Contact page.

What is it used for?

Many of the tasks we carry out remotely are as a result of Server Monitor alerts from the server monitoring software on the customer’s network. Many of these alerts warn us of a potential problem that we can then resolve remotely before it impacts the network users.

As a result of our remote resolution and maintenance capabilities in conjunction with Server Monitor, it is very rare for us to have to attend site on unscheduled emergency visits.

In fact for the majority of our customers, in an average year we have had no requirement for unscheduled visits at all. This fact reinforces the point that we maintain very high network up-times for our customers by making maximum use of preventative maintenance.