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Bespoke Software

Software Design

When an off-the-shelf software solution is not available, the next step often to look at a bespoke software solution.

We have an in-house software development team that develops solutions for our customers as well as developing ever more powerful network tools for use by our network engineers.

There are two main categories of bespoke software solutions:

Customised Applications

This involves customising a general purpose application. This may be done using macros or some form of custom development tool. There are a large number of applications in this category. This option often costs less than having a fully bespoke solution developed.

Fully Bespoke Solutions

Developing software from scratch allows the ultimate in tailoring a solution to suit the way your organisation works.

The majority of applications that we develop run within a web browser and access a server where the processing and storage work is done. This is a very powerful model and offers easy maintenance and upgrades and a robust platform on which you can run line-of-business applications with peace of mind.

We offer very competitive rates for both customisation and fully bespoke software development.

Software Testing

Once a software solution has been purchased or developed, we will test and install it to ensure it meets your organisation’s requirements.

Not surprisingly, testing is a critical aspect of any installation. This involves working closely with the customer to ensure that the application fully meets the agreed specifications originally defined.

Installation of a software solution often requires data to be imported from previous applications. This work may require a certain amount of data ‘cleansing’ where previous applications have not been as well behaved as they should when storing data.

We can often update a software application remotely affecting all client PCs if the application was developed by Alliance Solutions. This is because the application code is normally centralised on one (or more) servers rather than on the client PCs.

Bespoke software updates can be delivered very rapidly using this technique. We have examples where change requests for an application have been implemented within 24 hours.
Software Design