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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery & Planning

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are basic requirements for every business and organisation. We advise all our clients to have a detailed disaster recovery plan that is up to date and reflects their on-going needs.

Worryingly, many organisations do not have a plan in place and if they do, it does not measure up under scrutiny. Yet every business could experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal operations - from a flood or fire to a serious computer malfunction or breach of information security.

Business continuity is one of our key focus points. Unscheduled downtime has a large impact on a client business. That is why we spend a large proportion on its service to minimise the likely hood of any downtime. Alliance Solutions audits, instaDisaster Recovery Life Ringlls and maintains computer network systems.

Disaster recovery needs to be planned, the procedures maintained, checked and updated on a regular basis to ensure that in the event of a disaster the disaster recovery plan works.

The reasons in order of magnitude of why IT Systems fail are as follows:

  • Software failure
  • Planned downtime
  • Operator error
  • Hardware failure
  • Building/site disaster
  • Environmental disaster

Spreading the network server load of over a number of servers ideally in different locations i.e. High Availability can help combat IT Systems failure or at least localise the issue.

We are well versed in producing disaster recovery proposals for clients. For futher information please call 0800 292 2100